Services details

  • Performs up to 100 Tests Per Hour
  • Tests Emergency Sample at any Time
  • Eliminates Manual Error
  • Easy QC Data Management
  • Low Reagent Consumption
  • Performs wide range of Biochemistry and Imrnuno Turbidirnetry Assays

Power of Reliability

  • High Precision Aspiration, Dispensing & Mixing
  • Automatic Probe rinse prevents Carry over
  • Probe Crash Prevention minimizes Breakdown
  • Liquid level sensing detects Reagent & Sample levels
  • Long lasting IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition) filters
  • GaAsP (Gallium Arsenide Phosphide)  photo diode for greater sensitivity

Quality Management

  • 3 level multiple QC with Levey Jennings graph
  • On board Cooling guarantees Reagent stability
  • Cuvette check facility ensures usage of optically perfect cuvettes

Power of Flexibility

  • Interchangeable Reagent and Sample positions
  • Designed to Load Reagent Bottles of different sizes
  • Primary Tube loading facility
  • Continuous loading with STAT facility

Power of Saving

  • Reagent as low as 200ul with just 2ul sample
  • Reusable Cuvettes
  • Low water consumption

Power of Intelligent software

  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Self-check at startup
  • Ability to store and edit Multi Point Curves
  • Easy integration to LIS

Turbo hem 1 00 Performs Wide Variety of Assays

Biochemistry Immuno Turbidirnetry
More than 45 Assays More than 22 Assays
including Diabetic Profile, including RF, ASO, CRP, HsCRP,
Renal Profile, Lipid Profile, Microalbumin, HbA1 c, Lp(a)
Cardiac Profile, Imrnunoglobulins,
Liver Function Tests, Apo Lipo Proteins,
Enzymes, Minerals,.. HDL-Dir, LDL-Dir,..

Power of Remote Management

  • Reduces Breakdown time
  • Cuts revenue loss
  • On-line Condition Monitoring
  • Real-Time Fault detection
  • Interactive Trouble shooting
  • On-line Application support


Fully Automated Random Access Chemistry Analyser
Typical Throughput: 100 tests/hour
Minimum Reaction Volume: 200ul
Minimum Sample Volume 2ul
Photometric Range: 340nm, 405nm, 505nm, 545nrn, 580nm, 630nm and 2 open slots for additional filters
Linear Range: -02 to 3.0 A
Dilutions: Automatic Pre and Post dilution
Data Management System: External PC with Windows software
Dimensions: 53cmX40cmX50cm (WXHXD)
Weight: 15 Kg